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Hello again. Many of you utilize our shredding services and have a shredding console in your office like the one next to me. Let’s talk about items that should and should not go into the console. Please do not put items such as newspaper, color paper, or magazines. Empty water bottles and plastic bags do need to be recycled, but not by way of the console. Please no food or drink. Use the trash can in your office for leftover food or restaurant bags and boxes. And no three ringed binders. Take the documents out of the binder before placing them into the console.

Items that are acceptable documents are ones that contain personal information, office documents no longer needed, manila envelopes, and mailing envelopes. The paper put into the console can have staples, paper clips, and gator clips. This is not an exhaustive list of acceptable and unacceptable items. We have a complete list of what is acceptable and what is not, and we would be glad to get a copy to you, so that you can place it close to or onto the console for your staff to reference. Thank you for keeping these things in mind when you’re heading to the console.