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Would you like to receive a signed copy of your work orders electronically? How about knowing if there are any containers and storage eligible for destruction? These are just a couple of ways event notification can be valuable to you. I’m here today to show you how event notification works and how it can be beneficial to your business. Event notifications are just that, notifications and event or activity that has taken place in your account. All you need to do is let us know what kind of notification you would like to receive and we will do the rest.
Some of our options for notification could be boxes or containers that are eligible for destruction. When someone has made a request from storage using our web access. You might want to know how many containers or files or both are out of the storage facility. Notification of how many containers that you have in storage. You can also request to see how many containers have been destroyed or permanently removed from storage.
If you use our web access, we can notify you when a web order has been submitted. And then after the web order’s been submitted and converted to a work order you can also be notified of that. That way you know the work is in progress.

Last but not least is a notification that your work order has been completed and you can receive a receipt of the work order and the work that was done.
If you’d like to have an automatic notification of something different than what is listed, just let us know and we’ll do our best to fulfill your request.
Two of the more popular event notifications are notification of containers eligible for destruction and receipt created.
Let’s talk first about containers eligible for destruction. We’ll create a monitor for you that will generate an email to let you know if you have containers eligible for destruction. You can receive the notification and a timeframe that is good for you. Most of our customers like to receive these monthly, but quarterly, semi-annually or annually are also options. The email you receive will contain the name of the notification, the name of the list created, and the number of records in that list.

This is an example of what you’ll receive. It’ll come from customer service, so when you see those two words, you’ll know it’s Storage Plus and you don’t have to be afraid to open the email. In the subject line it’ll tell you that it’s [inaudible 00:03:01] monitor notification. The monitor will say, “Boxes eligible for destruction has completed successfully.”.
The name of it might be more specific to your account. That way you’ll know that it’s yours. Then it’ll tell you the list of boxes to be destroyed because that’s what we’re looking for, that’s what the monitor was looking for. For the grid container, that means the whole boxes was created. In this case it contained 24 elements or containers.
The email does not list the containers that met the criteria of the monitor, in this case 24. So you’ll need to find out that information in one of two ways. If you’re a customer that uses web access, you can log onto the website, go to the container grid and using the search button you’ll find a specific query to select that will bring up the boxes on the grid having a destroy date of the current date or older.

This is just a view of when you’re in your web access, you’ll be in the container grid, you’ll go to the search button, there’ll be a dropdown list of different queries you can use, and you’ll select the one that specifies just for the boxes for destruction. And then this is what comes up on a grid. There will be a column for destroy day and you’ll be able to see all the destroyed dates of these boxes. In this case, these boxes probably could have been destroyed a long time ago.
Now that you have these up on the grid, let’s say you’ve determined that all of the boxes can be destroyed. If you’re using web access, you can request the destruction right from the container grid you are on. If you aren’t sure how to make that happen, please call and we’ll be glad to walk you through it. But if you don’t use web access, please call or email us and request a list of containers that may qualify for destruction. We’ll prepare a spreadsheet for you with the container numbers and any contents information we have and send it to you by email or fax. If you do choose to destroy any containers, you will need to contact our office by fax or email to let us know which ones.
This notification is an excellent one to stay on top of containers that have met their retention end, and it’s a good reminder when we get busy with other things.
Another popular notification is electronic receipts. We can set you up to automatically receive a receipt of a service that has been completed. When the service has completed, you will receive an email from customer service. It will look like this. The subject line will say, “Storage Plus services receipt,” so you’ll know what it is. And when you open the email, you’ll see that you have a receipt for the services.

The receipt will show the date and time that the event took place. It will give the work order number that it’s referencing. The scanner user. In this case it’s me, but most of the time it will be one of our drivers. It will tell you that it was a delivery. It wasn’t an access. Although if you do have someone that comes and picks up files from our office or drops items off, you can also receive a receipt for that. And in that case, this won’t say delivery, it will say access.
So then you go down into the body of the receipt and for this test purpose only, there’s just one container. But if we had delivered numerous files or many boxes, all of those would be listed here, and so you could see what was delivered and what was picked up.
And then we ask for a signature verification that someone received the items requested or we picked up the items requested. This isn’t necessarily the person that actually made the request, but it is probably the person that you want to go to if you’re looking for where those boxes got put or where those files got delivered or to make sure everything that was picked up was picked up timely and well.
The customers that use our receipt just absolutely love it. You don’t need to keep a paper copy of the work order if you don’t want to, but in your outlook or whatever email you use, you can just set up a folder and you can put those right in there.

Please think about taking advantage of one or more of these options. And when you’re ready, just give us a call at (918) 665-2828. Thanks.