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Click on this link to see a short video demonstrating how to assemble a one piece records storage box, also called a document storage container.

Assembling a Records storage box is simpler than it appears. With a little instruction you will find it easy too! Start with the text on the box facing you.  Then you turn in the sides and flip the two tabs down and interlock them (see video). Then bend the other two tabs in, roll them over, and insert into the box. The handle goes in (before the tab goes down). Then the tab goes down. The other side is done the same way. For the lid just fold the short sides in first then roll the long side over them to lock them in place. That is the final step, you have a complete box. Watch the video above

Whether you use a document storage facility to securely store your business records or not it is likely you are familiar with a box like this.Even if you use a self or mini storage facility it is impotent to use a proper file storage box because boxes that were designed for other purposes, like copy paper boxes, tend to be more acidic and potentially damaging to your valuable files.You may refer to these boxes by a different name, possibly a document storage box or a records storage container.There are a host of names that can be used but, no matter what you call it,  the assembly will be the same.This box is called a one piece file storage box because the lid is attached.An attached lid is advantageous for you because it prevents the need to assembly lids separately and, even more importantly it prevents a lid from being lost. Like most things once you learn how to do it, assembly is very easy and fast. First I will walk through the assembly of this document storage box slowly, trying to capture in the video some key stages of the assembly.

After I walk through slowly I will demonstrate how quickly a records storage box like this one can be assembled with a little practice. A document storage box like this is a die cut box. So when you receive it, it will be flat like this. You will notice places that are intended to be folded formed into the pattern. There are essentially 4 horizontal sections and 3 vertical sections. So lets begin, it is best to start with the lettering upside down, then placing the printed side towards you and securing the top under your chin like so….

Next fold the lower three sections of the outer panels in 90 degrees like so…

Then fold the top portion of those panels down 90 degrees and interlock them like this… A tip here is that sometimes it is easier to hook them together with an upward motion like this. This forms the inside bottom of the file storage box. The next step is to fold the top two panels in 90 degrees like this… Once they are in this position you rotate them into place by directing them to the inside of the box as you roll them into the box. Now you are practically complete!

To finish push the plug for the hand hole to the inside then simply pull the remaining tab down, and pop it into place, being sure that the hand hole plug is securely between the layers of cardboard that form the end of the file storage box. Placing the hand hole plug between the end layers provides two important functions. The first is it prevents catching it on your finger when removing a file from the box. And the second is it provides a little back pressure that keeps the inner wall of the box in place.

OK, so now just do the exact same procedure for the other end.

Push the plug for the hand hole to the inside then flip the remaining tab down over it being sure that the hand hole plug is securely between the layers. All that remains is shaping the lid edges. Which simple requires folding the remaining tabs 90 degrees in this order. The two short ends first, then fold the pieces extending from them 90 degrees so when folding the remaining long edge it will go over them and secure all the pieces together. Well that completes the walk through of the assembly for a one piece file storage box. Now let me demonstrate how quickly a box can be assembled with your new knowledge.

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